America’s fourth largest city undoubtedly has a lot to offer in the way of employment opportunities. But have you ever considered a career as a security officer in Houston?

The security field is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, offering all sorts of options for entry-level jobs, as well as growth positions, with some of the nation’s leading security firms.

In the state of Texas, the private security industry is overseen and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), a government entity that makes and enforces the rules for those working as security officers and security guards.

This includes rather simple requirements like age, citizenship and criminal history, as well as more complex rules involving training and certification processes.

For example, the DPS requires that all security professionals in Texas complete Level 2 training courses before beginning work. These instructional courses generally take about 30 hours to complete and cover many aspects of the industry that all specialists need to be aware of and prove proficiency in.

Level 2 training courses are taught by licensed providers in Texas, including several available options at ACES Security Academy. ACES is headquartered in San Antonio, but is one of the largest firms in Texas and has a reputation for training some of the best security officers in the state.

ACES instructors are all recognized and approved by DPS and have the knowledge and backgrounds necessary to train security specialists in Texas. If you’re interested in a career in the industry, ACES Security Academy is one of the best possible starting points.

Topics covered in the ACES Level 2 security course include use of force techniques, crowd control tactics, note-taking skills, theft prevention measures and many more. A solid and long-lasting career as a private security officer in Texas begins with this 30-hour course taught by licensed instructors at ACES Security Academy.

Remember that a Level 2 training course is required of all non-commissioned security officers, commissioned security officers and personal protection officers in the state of Texas.

The security field is a great option for building a career in Texas, particularly in a city the size of Houston. But you simply can’t embark on your new career without completing the training required by DPS.

Level 2 training gives you the background training you need and will allow you to get the experience necessary for embarking on your new career. But if you want to advance even further in the industry, you can also take the ACES Level 3 course at a later date.

This training takes what you learned in Level 2 and expands on it for even greater advancement opportunities in the security industry. Knowledge is power so grab as much of it as you can!

You’ll find security guards in Texas working for organizations that include multi-million dollar companies, Texas state offices, both small and large banks and many others. If you want to work in an exciting industry with lots of options available to you, being a security guard in Texas can certainly open many doors.

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