Top 10 Signs They’re Cheating



It’s an indisputable fact that more than half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce, and a big reason and underlying cause for many of these breakups is due to one partner or the other having an extramarital affair. 

While licensed private investigators can certainly help you prove when this is happening, there are warning signs that anyone can be on the lookout for. Even though we recommend you to seek the services of a Houston Private Detective.


The presence of one or more of these “red flags” is certainly cause for alarm and can signal that more problems are ahead. 


Here are the top 10 clues from ACES Private Investigations of Houston that your significant other may be cheating on you:


  • Constantly on His or Her Phone. If your significant other is constantly using the cell phone, and you’re not sure who they’re talking or texting with, this is definitely a warning sign. Also, beware if they always have their phone with them, as this is a sign that they may be trying to keep you from seeing something you shouldn’t.


  • Is Their Phone Hard to Find? Do they only seem to be on the phone when you’re not around, and keep it tucked away when they’re with you? Maybe it’s in a coat or a jacket, or in their gym bag, or secured in their desk. Either way, if it’s nowhere to be seen when you’re in the room, this is another potential red flag.


  • They’re Extra Attentive. If your significant other starts bringing you flowers for no reason and showing you extra attention, this could also be cause for alarm. Now we’re not saying this isn’t a nice thing from time to time, but if it starts happening more often than it should, this could be a sure sign of guilt on the part of your partner. Just look into this further before acting on it, however, because if it is an innocent gesture or gestures, you don’t want to start an argument over it.


  • Are They Being Extra Sexual? Much like the point above, this could have to do with over compensation stemming from a guilty conscience. It could be all about keeping up appearances so you don’t get suspicious, but it could and should get your attention.


  • They Stop Making Plans for the Future. If plans you’ve considered in the past suddenly seem less important to your spouse, this could be a good indicator that he or she is preparing to move on. Maybe they no longer want to have kids, or plan a vacation, or make a big move to another state. This could definitely indicate that your relationship is on borrowed time.


  • They Withdraw Emotionally. If your spouse appears more distant and you feel he or she is just going through the motions, this is another indicator of trouble on the horizon. This is also known as emotionally cheating


  • Spending More Money Than Usual. If you find that your spouse is spending more money than he or she usually does, chances are that this is going toward dinners, drinks, hotel rooms and more. It’s definitely something you want to keep an eye on. A Private Investigator in Houston can easily provide surveillance when they say they’re working those late hours at the office. 


  • More Worried About Their Looks. If your significant other is suddenly obsessed with looking good whenever he or she goes out, this is another warning sign. He or she is likely dressing to impress someone else.


  • They’re Picking Fights. This could be an attempt to get you to end the relationship, so your significant other doesn’t have to be the bad guy (or girl). But if you feel in danger you can see our why to hire a bodyguard post found here.


  • The Relationship is No Longer Working. If you know that your relationship isn’t functioning like it used to, or how you want it to be, there’s a decent chance that your partner is looking for a happier connection somewhere else.


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